Frequently Asked Questions

My life is really busy with a family and work so do I have to attend all weekends?

No, 80% attendence is requested but obviously when life gets tough we are able to support you. We have experience for many years of helping students cope with births, deaths and house moves - as a small college we are able to get to know you really well and spot when you need flexibility.

I haven't studied since I was at school so I'm worried I'll find it hard and won't be able to keep up.

Part of learning any subject as an adult is waking up those brain cells that used to work hard at school. We simply get out of practise of applying different types of reading and writing. Don't worry we cover study skills in Year 1 and your tutor will be an asset to your confidence building.

I didn't complete formal education as my family travelled a lot, how will I know if I qualify for a place?

We ask all applicants to submit an application form with your life experience as well as any qualifications you might have - these can be work related or purely academic. Together with your life experiences and your willingness to study we can offer you a place without any formal education.

How many hours a week is needed to be able to follow the course?

In the first year we suggest a gradually increasing number of hours. This is because we often take time to settle and find our own rhythm. On average ten hours rising to fifteen maximum should suffice.

I am dyslexic and really struggle to study but am really keen - can I still apply?

Over the years we have tutored many dyslexic students - all have been successful. Thanks to digital technology we also offer the chance to make videos and audio responses to your assignments too. Also it has been our experience that often dyslexic students are very able verbally and have great retentive memories!

Where can I work after qualifying?

Most graduates apply for registration immediately to to gain professional recognition before they set up in practise. We ensure that you leave us 'Registration Ready'. From there it's your decision whether to work alone or join others in a group practise.

Will I be able to earn a living?

Provided you are prepared to put in the hours - yes! All our teaching team are in practise and because of fitting in family responsibilities we can be flexible. We advise you to assess your financial and emotional needs and not to have more than twenty hours per week. This enables time for administration, your home life and past-times. Looking after ourselves is very important and vital for our well-being. Start slowly and build up.

What happens if I decide I don't want to practise but would rather maintain an interest?

Obtaining a licence to practisce is not for everyone. Some students are brilliant at research and assignments, love presentations and marketing but actually don't want to be in a clinic. If this is your path we will accommodate your learning to enable you to reach the level of success. In the past we have had graduates who have gone into research, studying for masters and doctorate degrees. But, you don't need to be academic, our profession needs historians, advocates and social media wizards to promote homeopathy from a knowledgeable viewpoint.

GDPR Privacy Satement

Salisbury homeopathy College (SHC) is committed to protecting your privacy. Collection of your Personal Information SHC collects personally identifiable information, such as your email address, name, home or work address or telephone number. This results from your enquiry or registration with a course. Enquiries for information about course and Open Days are also kept with your permission. Use of your Personal Information We only use contact details to update you on courses, Open Days and CPD events. SHC does not share or sell your contact details, nor do we intend to do so, to third parties. Security of your Personal Information SHC secures your personal information and data protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For students and alumni be reassured that your data regarding progress through the course is kept only for the duration of that course and then destroyed. In certain circumstances an assignment may be requested for staff training purposes only and then anonymously and your permission will be sought. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. We ensure that all our information, albeit academic or personal is securely held requiring permission to access.

We hope these help!


If you have any further questions, or would like to talk to a member of our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch!