Foundation Courses

Foundation 1 & 2 are now the beginning of the new Family Practitioner Course


Foundation 1: Beginner's Homeopathy

  • Builds on the Introductory Day Workshop, or for those with some experience at  home.

  • This goes into more depth – considering the main principles of homeopathy;  the philosophical method and the application.


  • Guidance on the main required skills of observation and notation. 


  • Appreciation of the way we get sick and our susceptibility. What this means. 


  • Safe guidance on prescribing – the dosage and repetition. 


  • When not to prescribe!


  • Keynotes of major remedies- consideration of any seasonal bugs.



Foundation 2:

Beginners Homeopathy Pt I

Continuing your homeopathic education as a stand alone course or as part of the NEW Family Practitioner Course.



  • Builds on the key concepts of the core principles 


  • Extends understanding of remedies, trials and testing. 


  • Develops ‘homeopathic thinking’ – enabling remedy searches and evaluation. 


  • Introduces repertory skills. 


  • Vital reactions and the use of personal history. 


  • Adding more remedies to those so far studied. 

Foundation 2 pt: 
These two days form the third and fourth day attendance in the NEW Family Practitioner Course.


Foundation 2:

Advanced Homeopathy Pt I

Deepens your knowledge and understanding of homeopathy at home.


  • Understanding the integrated approach. 


  • Applying this understanding to real cases. 


  • furthering knowledge of remedies. 


  • applying this to real life situations. 


  • Practising repertory and evaluating techniques of the case.


  • Building a picture of case analysis and evaluation.

Family Practitioner Course - Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be accepting  applications this year.

  • For those with little experience or who have not attended one of our short courses.

  • Get Prospectus on enquiry

  • One day attendance every month for ten months.

  • Option to convert to Practitioner Course via Summer School 

  • if you opt to join the the full practitioner course you can attend Teaching Clinics in Salisbury too!


Location – St Thomas House, central Salisbury


Each of these Foundation Courses will build towards and collect credit towards the Professional Part-Time Programme.

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